Interested in attracting more people to your business?

In May 2017 I designed and built 18 giant balloon sculptures in the luxurious Phoenix malls of India. Exhibits like a giant dragon, pirate ship, huge aquarium and much more!

Many people came to see these amazing balloon sculptures and the mall's number of customers grew by 40%.

People were taking photos nonstop, posting all over social media and the web.

The excitement was on an unbelievable scale.

3 months later, I was invited to another Indian mall to design a peace for a main Indian holiday.

Again, the sculpture was amazing and many people arrived to see it.

Do you want to create a unique and different atmosphere that will leave everyone amazed?

Not only in India did I design – in Israel there has been lots of interest and in April 2018, I built an exhibit with tens of pieces: a huge dinosaur, unicorn, movie characters and more balloon made sculptures.

Big companies, malls and businesses ask me to make dreams come true and build them giant balloon sculptures.

Just recently, I built a life size tank from balloons

My unique skill is taking your dream and turning it into reality with balloons. Hours of work and days of planning add up to a perfect result that will amaze everyone

So if you want to be unique and special, if you want me to make your dreams a reality, if you want more customers – don’t hesitate- contact me today and together we can make dreams come true

Contact Kobi Balloons +972527249982

Email me: kobi.balloons@gmail.com

Some of our Giant Projects

New Giant modules from Schneider project 2019

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